What I want from a massage session

by Paola Bassanese


What I want from a massage session is simple: I want to be able to relax.
Yet, it’s not that simple. Here’s why.

I want to relax

This is easier said than done. First of all, my brain is always buzzing and although I have been practising meditation I still find it challenging to quieten the mind. If the massage therapist talks during the treatment I won’t be able to switch off so I always ask to turn off the music and have complete silence.

I want to reconnect with my body

Having a massage gives me the opportunity to scan my body for tension but also to appreciate my body and thank it for all the hard work that it does. Being a therapist myself I need to make sure I keep my body healthy and injury-free.

I want to create a space where nothing else matters

During a massage treatment you experience something that is quite unique: time and space cease to exist and you are just you, breathing and resting. This type of dimension only happens during a massage – as much as I tried to achieve this state of wellbeing during meditation, I always struggle.

I want to emerge from a session feeling carefree

The purpose of a massage is to make you feel lighter, free of worry and more flexible. You smile more and the world doesn’t look as bad as it did before the massage session.

What do you want from a massage treatment?

Pic: “Woman On Head Massage” by marin