Review: Iyashi Dome and Juice Detox at Mydetoxdiet


I visited Mydetoxdiet in Greenwich, a health food shop with therapy rooms in a stunning listed building near the Cutty Sark. I wanted to try the Iyashi Dome detox treatment, an infrared sauna that promises to help the body get rid of excess fat and toxins.

The literature on the Iyashi Dome states that a 30 minute session burns the equivalent of 300 to 600 calories by raising the heart rate and the metabolism.


Compared to a normal sauna, the Iyashi Dome feels more comfortable as your head is outside the dome while the infrared dome covers the body. You lie down and relax while you feel your muscles releasing. The concept of the Iyashi Dome (extremely popular in Continental Europe especially among very glamorous and skinny French women!) is to act as a booster for a healthier body. It could never replace a workout but it helps speed up the results of a healthy eating and exercise regime. The literature for the Iyashi Dome does mention both detoxification and anti-ageing in the list of benefits associated with the treatment.


It’s incredible how only half an hour lying down and sweating can do for you. I must say that when I emerged from the session I felt both tired and energised at the same time. When I attended a networking meeting later on that day I was told I was glowing.


I felt that my muscles did some good work, and yet I did not lift a finger. The therapist, Susanne, told me that the infrared dome is particularly useful for muscle pain and I noticed that my own back pain was somewhat relieved. I also suffer from eczema on my hands and after the session the skin on my hands felt smoother. The result of my session was that I felt like I did a mild workout AND had just been lying in the sun on holiday. I was very impressed.


Susanne also recommended to do a juice detox as a follow-up to the treatment. She kindly gave me a one day detox supply including supplements and broccoli and wheatgrass shots. The juices for the one day detox include an oats-based drink for breakfast and blends of different vegetables and fruit to take throughout the day. The juices all tasted pleasant, thankfully, and because they are full of fibre you don’t feel as faint as you would if there were stripped of the fibre content. Still, I am not very good at detoxing because I like my food and coffee so I did feel hungry and headachy which is quite normal. I was dreaming of chorizo and chocolate but I only had to detox for one day so it wasn’t too bad! I think the main advantage of the juice diet is that it relies on a fresh intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre to replenish your body and rejuvenate it. The fibre-rich juices act as a strong colon cleanser so I would suggest to avoid socialising if you are detoxing (enough said).


Overall, I had an excellent experience at Mydetoxdiet and I would recommend to speak to them for your health and wellbeing goals.