Review: Siro-A at Leicester Square Theatre


By Paola Bassanese


Watching Japanese performers Siro-A at Leicester Square Theatre was a visual treat. No wonder they received so many accolades – these guys are creative to the max and their show is exhilarating.


Where else could you see real-life video games, impromptu singalongs and audience participation? Siro-A manage to make Japanese culture accessible using a healthy dose of humour while winking at Western culture. Acrobatics, dance, mime and real-time voice sampling are all mixed together to create a unique show like you have never seen before.


Technology permeates every scene and is not only an integral part of the performance but one of the protagonists too. Virtual and physical reality merge seamlessly through the use of projected images interacting with the artists. Children burst into spontaneous laughter at the ingenuity of the scenes. Adults appreciated the references to vintage video games recreated on stage. At one point, a lights and shadows scene reminded me of Britain’s Got Talent winners Attraction, however the use of shadows was deployed differently to create the illusion of playing a ball game. Finally, the use of real time video was outstanding to create the “Addition Dance” where two dancers were videoed at the same time and their images split in half and then joined together on screen; and the side-splitting rendition of “Funiculi’ Funicula’” the Neapolitan folk song, videoed in reverse and played back with hilarious consequences.


It’s impossible to describe this show so you better go and see if before it ends on 2nd November 2013. Wholesome, family fun.

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