Keep Cool Tip: Have Lymphatic Drainage Massage

lymphatic drainage in Central LondonBy Paola Bassanese

Weather forecast: scorchio! If you need to keep cool when the weather hits hot temperatures, look no further and have a lymphatic drainage massage. The heat may affect your circulation so you may suffer from swollen feet and ankles.

You could have a course of lymphatic drainage massage to ease the swelling, improve the circulation and cool you down in the process.

The health benefits of lymphatic drainage are multiple:

  • easing headaches and sinus congestion which could be caused by hayfever or high humidity
  • reducing water retention in the lower legs
  • reducing bloating in the abdomen
  • relaxation and stress reduction which lower the body’s temperature

So instead of reaching for an ice lolly, have lymphatic drainage to achieve some health-enhancing stress management.

Consult your doctor if you have had cosmetic surgery or lymphoedema.

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