Infusely Diet Tea review



By Paola Bassanese


I don’t know about you but when the weather is cold I crave chocolate and when the sun is shining outside and temperatures soar to 30 degrees food loses its appeal.


This preamble is necessary to put my review into context. I was kindly sent a sample package of Infusely Diet Tea to try. I started drinking the tea as per instructions before meals three times a day. The weather was miserable at that point and I needed my chocolate fix. So there I was, drinking (delicious, don’t get me wrong!) diet tea and still gorging on chocolate.


After a few weeks summer started in earnest in London and the chocolate cravings went out of the window and in came the summer salads. Was it the tea that did the trick? The jury is still out as my appetite was fairly robust however I must say the ritual of making the tea helped me sleep better at night. In fact the tea contains chamomile among its ingredients and studies have proved that getting enough sleep is linked to weight loss because high stress levels and sleepless nights make us put on weight and hold on to body fat.


The Diet Tea is described on the website as having appetite suppressing and fat burning properties. In fairness after a few weeks’ use I cannot say whether the tea has worked however it does taste very pleasant. As the hot and humid weather started I did not fancy having hot tea, but I had a brainwave and chilled the tea and poured it into ice lolly moulds. It was a very refreshing treat to have on a hot afternoon.


The tea contains Acai Berry powder which has been reported as aiding weight loss and fat burning. I am still not convinced there is enough evidence to back the claim that acai aids weight loss, however this berry contains antioxidants to prevent cell damage from free radicals. Infusely also contains Oolong tea which some studies claim has weight loss properties however this could simply be related to the fact it contains caffeine.




I would say this pleasant tasting tea is a rejuvenating treat as it helped me sleep but ultimately unless I were to use it for at least 6 months I would not be able to comment on its slimming properties. The tea is packaged as loose leaves with individual tea bags to fill in with one teaspoon of tea mixture. I would say it would be easier if the tea came in ready packed tea bags.