How Do You Say I Have Allergies in a Foreign Country

Guest blog by Voulez-vous Parler

Summer’s arrived, isn’t this beautiful? We are all thinking about our summer holidays. But some of us are a bit more nervous than the others. Because more and more people have allergies, a foreign holiday can turn into a real nightmare.

How do you make sure you are completely safe when ordering and buying food abroad?

If you’re going to a francophone country, you’ll need to know these few sentences:

Je suis allergique aux noix/ au gluten/aux produits laitiers/au lactose/guêpes

I’m allergic to nuts/gluten/dairy products/lactose/wasps

Où est l’hôpital? Where is the hospital?

In Italian:

Sono allergico/a alle nocciole/al glutine/ai latticini/al veleno di vespa

In Spanish :

Tengo alergia a los frutos secos/al gluten/a los productos lácteos/a la lactose/a las avispas

I also recommend buying a book of pictures which is especially designed to help travellers asking for things in a language they don’t know…with pictures. The best is always having a few hours of 1 to 1 tuition before going away to prepare oneself and practise with a very patient and understanding teacher.

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