My week in pictures

energya my week in pictures, professional massage therapy in central londonBy Paola Bassanese


Just a normal week in the life of a massage therapist.


Last Friday I went to see the Brand New Heavies in concert at Koko in Camden. I have loved their music for years and was so excited to see them perform, however… The bill advertised the legendary N’Dea Davenport on vocals but a replacement vocalist was on stage instead. Don’t get me wrong, she had a good voice and stage presence and the band played beautifully but… we wanted to see N’Dea. We missed her.

A week goes by in a flash and it’s a flurry of coffee breaks and coffee meetings, tube journeys and walks observing the environment around me.


I met with a French journalist and a French language tutor, Sophie from, a language tuition agency specialising in language skills for business and leisure.

It has been sunny, it rained. I had pizza and sushi. You know, just the usual random stuff.


I take pictures to serve me as an aide memoir so I have a visual to do list of places I want to see. I walked past this quirky place called Bubbledogs after being at A Pint of Science (more on that later), a venue that has hotdogs and champagne on their menu. Yes, hotdogs and champagne! That’s their unique selling point. I love that about London. You can come up with a business idea and take it to fruition. So that’s on my radar now. Their website is (check out their cute dog cartoons). I quite fancy trying their Fourth of July hot dog.


A Pint of Science ( was an initiative that took place until 16th May in London, Cambridge and Oxford to popularise science and make it more accessible. A series of science talks took place all around London in various pubs (even on boats!). I went to an interesting presentation by Professor Flanagan on cancer. Not such a palatable topic to listen to while having a beer after work, but that is the point of the initiative. Professor Flanagan discussed genetic versus lifestyle cancers, Angelina Jolie was obviously mentioned, and how the science of pathology is essential in matching the right treatment to each type of cancer.


Leaving on a high note: this week I discussed the meaning of life, the sense of identity and individuality, work/life balance and philosophy with my clients.

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