Review: Absolute Aromas Contour Body Control Treatment Oil

By Paola Bassanese

Shifting cellulite and water retention in the legs and abdomen can be a challenge.

It requires time and effort, combining healthy eating with exercise and a regular beauty routine to keep the lymph and blood circulation going.

One of the beauty routines you could use to improve the circulation is using Absolute Aromas’ Contour Body Control Treatment Oil.

Its combination of stimulating oils like cedarwood, juniperberry and black pepper act as a natural diuretic to release excess fluid from the tissues.

Its uplifting smell makes it ideal to use in the morning after a shower.

For best results I would recommend to start with Absolute Aromas’ Detoxing Salt Scrub which also contains juniper and cedarwood, wash it off, then apply the Contour Oil.

Rember to massage the oil from the lower leg upwards towards the hips and on the abdomen in a circular motion.

I found the oil to have a pleasant smell and to have a refreshing effect on the legs.