Kick your gluteus maximus into action with Kickasana

By Paola Bassanese


Kickasana! Oh yes, if you want to kick some serious gluteus maximus (your bum, to you and me), then this new fitness class from KICK Studio is just the ticket.


If you are afraid of boxing and yoga feels like it takes someĀ  herculean mental effort, you could try a combination of the two (with extra Chi Kung thrown in) for a full body workout that also stimulates the mind. Warning: you might even get a six pack as a result of regular training.


KICK Studio owner Sophie explained to me that this is an art form, not just exercise. You have fun, you sweat, you train in a friendly environment, you build your metabolism, lose weight and feel motivated.


I had a go at Kickasana this week and loved it: I have been doing yoga for a few years and still do it occasionally, and had a go at boxing and kickboxing in gyms before. The concept of combining these art forms is fascinating; you start building your inner heat, balance and flexibility first with yoga and Chi Kung then it’s time to do some serious punching and kicking. Wilmien took me through a lovely sequence to loosen up my muscles, improve my balance and familiarise myself with the technique. Then Sophie made me wear boxing gloves and off we went on the Muay Thai ring!


Kickasana gives you the exhilaration and stress release from kickboxing after you have calmed your mind down. You are left in a non-aggressive state and you feel centred and happy. For best results Sophie recommends doing Kickasana twice a week and you could start seeing changes in your body shape after a month.


I can see Kickasana soon becoming an addiction for Londoners.


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