Wonderful review of the Energya Slimming Massage on Hip & Healthy Magazine

Journalist Frankie Rozwadowzka said really wonderful things about the Energya® Slimming Massage:

“…within 5 minutes you’ll be telling her your life-story and asking her advice, like an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. She puts you totally at ease and tailors the massage around the parts of your body that you feel need work, not just the standard ‘problem areas’. Driven by the desire to make people look and feel better, she developed the Energya Slimming/Contouring Massage. ”

“It’s incredibly motivating and it makes you feel good and aware of your body – spurring you on to treat it right and really look after it. Even if you’re not about to go on holiday, I highly recommend you pay a visit to Paola and her magical hands. It’s a great way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change, or to reward yourself for any changes you have made and are successfully keeping up.”

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Hip & Healthy reviews the Energya Slimming Massage