Vitality Show 2013

By Paola Bassanese

The Vitality Show 2013 is a comprehensive showcase of the latest trends in well being, beauty, therapies, travel and food. You need a map to navigate the maze of stands and even then you end up going around in circles. Because of that I focused my attention on only a few areas in particular.

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I said hello to the award-winning organic balm manufacturer Niki McGlynn from Niki’s Balms. It is always a joy to talk to her and it brings me great pleasure to know that her balms are proving so successful. She has now introduced a range of soy wax candles with her signature fragrances.

The holistic therapies area featured popular and lesser known therapies from Bowen to facial reflexology. Facial reflexology at the Vitality Show stand uses the Sorestensistem technique devised by Lone Sorensen, a Danish reflexologist who devised a new face reflexology technique after extensive travels around the world. One trip in particular inspired the Sorensensistem technique when Lone went to Argentina to meet a Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor called Dr Wong. He explained that you can use reflexology on the face of children who have problems concentrating or committing something to memory, even behavioural problems. I thought it was fascinating.

Watch the video from Vitality Show:

More inspiration came from a workshop/talk in the Mind over Matter area at Vitality Show: Lucy Pemberton-Platt and Sean Patrick gave us an insight of how to achieve beauty from within with some guided visualisations and exercises.


Earlier on Louise Presley-Turner presented on finding your purpose and setting goals. Browsing around the stands there was an eye-catching and very popular display of bath fizzy bombs from Bomb Cosmetics who layed out all their products in a vintage afternoon tea setting.


Zest Magazine’s goodie bags were flying off the shelves: priced at £3, they included two copies of Zest Magazine and plenty of food, drink and beauty products.

Finally, I went to say hello to my friends at Life is for Living who organise exclusive wellness holidays in Buccament Bay with Harlequin Travel.