Review: Warming Balm from Niki’s Balms

By Paola Bassanese


Baby it’s cold outside. If you have poor circulation in your hands and feet, a warming balm can come to the rescue.


Niki’s Balms has concentrated a bit of warmth into a little pot of balm canvassing the power of essential oils. The key ingredient is cinnamom (always do a patch test first) which stimulates blood circulation. This makes cinnamom oil a good remedy for conditions like Raynaud’s disease which affects fingers and toes; sufferers tend to have pale, almost blue extremities and experience more discomfort during winter. Stress and anxiety can make the condition worse so having a routine of self-massage, ideally with a circulation-boosting oil, can provide some relief.


Personally I have used the Warming Balm when my shoulders become stiff and I massage it in to ease the muscles. The balm also contains rosemary oil which is useful for cramps and tense muscles.


As the weather doesn’t seem to improve any time soon, at least we can dream of summer by applying a bit of warming balm.


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