Review: Thomas Demenga cello concerto at Wigmore Hall

By Paola Bassanese


The Wigmore Hall programme on 28th February 2013 had a special treat in store with Thomas Demenga’s “Building on Bach” solo recital. Using two cellos (one for period and one for modern pieces), Demenga showed extreme technical skills during Berio’s Les mots sont allés, Lutosłaswki’s Sacher Variation and Huber’s Transpositio ad infinitum and sheer rapture during Bach’s Cello Suite No. 3 and 4.


The cello concerto gave the audience an opportunity to familiarise themselves with different styles and techniques. The Bach pieces were introspective yet uplifting and very well received at the Hall.



Demenga is back at the Wigmore Hall on 19th May 2013.