Review: Micabella Mineral Make up and Beauty Products


I discovered the make up and beauty products range Micabella while browsing in the beauty department at Debenhams.


I have been using the mineral foundation and the face exfoliator with good results.


The exfoliating face peel is a luxury product containing pure gold dust. The exfoliator buffs away dead skin cells and it has a profound cleansing and lightening effect on the skin. As I have mature skin with scarring and pigmentation this is a good match.


In my first application, after washing away the peel with water, I noticed that my skin was slightly flaky, and I didn’t mind it too much because that’s just the result of the exfoliating action.


By the second application the flakiness was gone but you really need to wipe away all traces of product and dead skin cells carefully with a wet flannel or muslin cloth to ensure a smooth finish. The skin feels extremely soft to the touch after the peel.


The texture of the skin started improving from the first application and, a few days into it, my skin looked smooth and flawless. Of course I still need to tackle my pigmentation problem and I will need to be patient and try different strategies until I can make a considerable improvement. My new strategy is to apply a little dot of product only on the darker spots, leave it for a few minutes then massage it into the skin. I am planning to do this about 3 times a week only on the dark spots and do the peel for the entire face once a week.


Now, talking about the mineral foundation: this is the first time I’ve ever used powder instead of liquid foundation. The application is straightforward: Alina at Debenhams demonstrated how to dot a little bit of powder on the brush and apply to the face in a circular motion. She suggested to use a small precision brush with a tiny bit of foundation to use as a concealer and it does work really well.

The foundation gives good coverage and stays put for hours. Small dust particles will fly around as you apply the foundation with the brush so I suggest to drape a towel around your neck if, like me, you tend to wear black clothes. Having said that, the foundation will not transfer on clothes afterwards.


Alina also gave me a demonstration on how to use the eyeshadow for different functions: with a damp precision brush as a liquid eyeliner; mixed in with clear nail polish for a sparkling nail finish; and mixed with lipgloss or lipbalm as a lipstick.