Review: Absolute Aromas’ Rose Gel

By Paola Bassanese


I was privileged to be sent a sample of Absolute Aromas’ Rose Gel (limited edition) to preview before it is launched later this year.


This gel can be used on the body as an aftersun or moisturiser and can soothe the skin after shaving or a heat rash. The gel is suitable for all skin types from sensitive to dry. You can also apply it on the face as a mask that you can rinse off.


The gel has a subtle rose scent and a light consistency so it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and gently refreshed.


Personally I am a big fan of roses; rose essential oil has many therapeutic properties including nourishing and repairing dry/mature skin. Rose essential oil can have an uplifting effect on moods and soothe anxious mental states, so it can be used before bedtime to induce a good night’s sleep. The active ingredients include Aloe, Rose Otto oil, Chamomile and Lavender.


Rose oil is extremely hydrating which makes the Rose Gel particularly effective as a moisturiser on holiday or after swimming. During the summer, it is a good idea to keep the gel in the fridge and apply to tired legs and feet to provide an immediate cooling sensation.