There’s No Such Thing as a Last Minute Appointment

By Paola Bassanese


“Can I book a massage tonight at 7pm?” does not belong in my dictionary. Here’s what is wrong with that sentence:

1 –  it presumes that 7pm is not a highly-desirable time slot for massage. It is actually THE MOST sought-after time for a massage session. People have to book weeks in advance to secure that slot.

2 – it presumes that you can just push your luck and not plan for your health and wellbeing. It’s all part of an instant gratification, quick-fix mentality. If you have excruciating back pain today you have probably ignored the early warning signs two weeks ago or more (a dull ache, pins and needles, fatigue etc).


There will always be emergencies in life. For walk-in appointments, your doctor’s practice is your first port of call.


When it comes to back pain, unless you have been involved in an accident (and treatment with massage is contraindicated anyway), it tends to develop over time.


The main factors contributing to back pain can be:

1 –  lack of exercise, particularly a weakness in the abdominal muscles and/or lower back

2  – wrong posture, particularly when sitting at a computer without a break for several hours a day

3 –  repetitive strain, for example when browsing the web or texting frequently, one tends to develop aches and pain from overusing the same muscles.


A massage can help with all of these symptoms but planning is key. First of all, a single massage may not be enough to “fix” the problem. It all starts with prevention (stretching, taking regular breaks, rest). Then there is planning: to keep healthy you need a maintenance programme.


The best results come from having a regular massage every two weeks or ideally once a week.


Going back to last minute appointments: if your back is hurting today it is probably because of something you did a month ago (or more). If you are lucky, you might be able to see a massage therapist giving them at least 48 hours’ notice as their diaries are planned in advance. This shows respect to both the therapist and the therapist’s clients who have carefully planned their wellbeing and agreed  a specific time and date for their appointment.


Don’t plan to be in pain: plan to be healthy.


To book a massage appointment (48 hours’ notice preferred) call 07803961669 or email

2 Replies to “There’s No Such Thing as a Last Minute Appointment”

  1. Thank you Erika, your comment is very insightful. Funnily enough as I was posting this article, I received a last minute request for an appointment. I must be psychic!

  2. So nice. I think that most of us live in a state of emergency. It is hard to stop or slow down. And when our bodies hurt. We can choose to learn something from the pain. So waiting for 48 hours may be exactly what we need.

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