The inspiration behind Energya as a new holistic concept


Back in 2005 I took on a charity challenge to raise funds for a children charity by trekking in Brazil (Trilha do Ouro, just off Rio de Janeiro).

See also: a previous fundraising trip to Peru as the foundation of the Energya concept


The trek was extremely difficult as tropical rain created pools of mud that were knee high. We trekked as a group and I struggled all the way, falling often and lagging behind everybody else.


The truth is that I couldn’t wait to finish the trek and go to Rio Carnival. So just like children who need to eat their greens before they can have their dessert, I endured the trek so that I could enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


Rio de Janeiro has a special energy (hence the name Energya) and you make connections with people so easily. I made friends so effortlessly and the experience changed my life. The highlight of the trip was a paragliding flight off Praia do Pepino, where you could see the whole of Rio de Janeiro from the sky.


I had some incredible massages there: Brazilians have massages regularly, it’s all part of their normal routine. They are life-enhancing massages that make you feel alive and vibrant. No “massage-by-numbers”.


I wanted to bring that sense of vitality and well-being back in London and that’s why I created Energya.


If you ever wanted to experience a sense of uplift, happiness and feeling at peace with yourself, I recommend having regular massage.

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  1. Well done you for doing the trek, I would love to do something like that! and love the feather boa 🙂 You certainly have captured the Brazilian passion for massage!

  2. Great post Paola, I feel so inspired 🙂
    You are the energy of Energya !!

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