Review: La Bodega Negra Cafe in Soho

By Paola Bassanese

Bacon makes everything better. And so does chorizo, especially when wrapped in a quesadilla. And downed with some Tempranillo red wine.

Combine that with some spicy guacamole with chunky red onionness (yes, onionness, noun, meaning “with a distinctive onion flavour”) and you’re onto a winner.

And give it a good spin with a funky selection of tunes that makes all staff members have spontaneous dance-offs.

Sexy food, spicy music, I seem to remember seeing as a slogan on the wall and that’s true. I was so in love with the playlist that I really need to get myself a copy.

Where else in the world could you have Mexican food while listening to Gary Numan, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk and Roots Manuva.

Talking of Roots Manuva: here’s one of the tracks from Bodega’s playlist Witness the Fitness video

La Bodega Negra Cafe  is at 16 Moor Street, Soho, London W1D 5NH (just off Old Compton Street, where the main restaurant is).