Osteopathy is my lifesaver

By Paola Bassanese


I am a massage junkie. I will always be a massage junkie. But when you have a spinal condition like scoliosis AND have a metal rod attached to your spine, you need a specialist to make things right.


I have regular “MOTs” with an osteopath because of my condition. This week I went to see Avni Trivedi of Ostepathic Consultancy, an osteopath who specialises in back and neck pain, sports injuries, jaw problems, stress, pregnancy and fertility.


What I really like about Avni’s approach is her attention to detail alongside her excellent technical skills. Never leaving a stone unturned she methodically looked at and manipulated all the joints in my body, starting from my neck, which tends to over-compensate from the lack of movement in my thoracic spine.


One… two… three… click! One manipulation on the neck on each side and I could feel my shoulders relaxing and an improvement in the blood circulation in my legs (Avni spotted that my circulation is more sluggish in my right foot, I didn’t even know about it).


Avni then proceeded to work in a logical sequence on my torso, arms and legs. I particularly enjoyed the manipulations in my hands and feet: my hands are the most hard-working parts of my body and you don’t come across many specialists who will “crack” the joints in your hands to provide relief. My feet are rather hard-working too as they need to support me while I stand for hours massaging clients. There was a huge amount of tension that was duly released with a couple of manipulations on each foot.


My thoracic spine received a series of excellent manipulations and the vertebral joints released magically inside the “brace” of my metal rod.


I felt rejuvenated and more in tune with my body after Avni’s session and I highly recommend her treatments.


Avni’s website is Osteopathic Consultancy  – she is based in Central London

She is also on facebook

And you can follow her on twitter