How to recover from London Fashion Week

By Paola Bassanese


Long days, early starts, not enough food, too much booze… the list is endless. London Fashion Week is a marathon for fashionistas and you don’t even get a medal at the end (possibly just a hangover and severe sleep deprivation).


Don’t fret, here’s a handy recovery plan for you!


1 Rehydrate. Aka, drink water. Your liver has been working overtime and your skin may be flaky and spotty by now. Herbal teas also work well, particularly green tea because of its antioxidant properties and fennel tea, a mild diuretic (good for water retention).

2 Self- massage for your face. Again, your skin may have suffered from the stress of Fashion Week so a bit of self-massage can work wonders. I recommend manual lymphatic drainage because it improves the circulation and helps clear puffy eyes and dark circles. >See self-massage video.

3 Exfoliate. Try dry-body brushing first thing in the morning before hitting the shower. Your body will experience a lovely tingly sensation: that’s a signal that your blood and lymphatic system have been re-awakened. >See body brushing video.