Conversations with… Maria Dinopoulos, Pulse Clinic London

By Paola Bassanese

Q: You came from South Africa to introduce pain-free Soprano laser hair removal to London, how did you come up with the idea?


A: After setting up a successful Clinic in South Africa, my sisters and I decided to expand the Pulse brand internationally and open a Pulse in London.


Being a client myself at several laser clinics around London, I found that a number of them could do with improving their customer service, professionalism, cleanliness and client satisfaction, not to mention the excruciating pain you would have to endure each time you went for your laser session. We searched for the absolute best laser on the market and invested in the “Rolls Royce” of laser hair removal equipment, the Soprano Xli. This laser has won several awards, including “Best Treatment of the Year” in the UK during the past 2 consecutive years. It is designed to treat all skin types and delivers visible and fast results and the best part is it is practically Pain-Free. I believe that you have to understand the client’s needs and then use the machinery effectively to ensure great results. As a boutique Clinic that specialises in laser hair removal, we make sure that your experience at the Clinic is personalised and professional. At Pulse, you are not just another number, we build personal relationships with all of our clients and make sure that each client is receiving an individualized treatment programme.


Q: Why did you choose to leave the corporate sector and start your own business?


A: I was feeling unchallenged in the corporate world and I thought that there must be more to life than Law journals and Case reports. I wanted a different and exciting challenge, something I could call my own. My decision was affirmed when assessing my long term goals. If I stayed in the corporate sector, it would be hard for me to meet the demands of my professional career and at the same time accomplish the things I identify as being priorities in my personal life. I take my hat off to all the women who are juggling the strains of a busy job, a family and social lives.


Q: How do you keep fit?


A: I try and get to the gym when I can, combining a cardio workout with some resistance training; But when I know I have neglected my gym sessions, I make a conscious effort to take the stairs instead of the lift, and power walk up the escalators in the tube station instead of just standing to the right J You get a great workout without even realising.

I also try and eat healthy, which is difficult because I have a major sweet tooth and a weakness for all things chocolate.


Q: How important is massage in your day to day life?


A: Massage is key to relieving stress and tension build up. I spend a lot of my day standing on my feet for long periods of time, or bent over my computer screen with such poor posture it would make my primary school ballet teacher cringe. I find this causes me a lot of back and neck strain and tension build up in my body which can be eliminated by having regular massages. Every now and again I love to treat myself to a Swedish massage which leaves me feeling relaxed and energized.



Q: What are your plans for the future?


A: My plan is to focus on growing Pulse in to a successful brand whilst continuing to challenge myself on a daily basis and learn from my mistakes. I want to be able to share my knowledge and life experiences with my children one day, just as they were passed down to me by my father and which are still very influential in how I live my life and make decisions today.

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