Until 5th December: Wired UK pop up store in Regent Street

By Paola Bassanese

Have you spotted a new flag on Regent Street? It’s the new pop up shop from Wired UK at 80 Regent Street, a retail flashmob lasting only until 5th December. The display is sponsored by Samsung Smart TV, which was featured in the shop and  looked incredible with its brilliant navigation and features (youtube, Skype, LoveFilm, camera all within reach with either voice or movement activation).

Wired UK launched its December issue and turned it into a 3D interactive show, the “New Industrial Revolution”, to give us a glimpse into the future.


My top picks are totally based on personal taste so go and see the shop to pick your own favourites.






Honey, I’m home!

The Good Night Lamp is a concept under development that features a group of lights that are interconnected. When you come home and turn the lights on, the mini house light in a friend’s house connected to you will switch on too. Lovely concept. www.goodnightlamp.com.




No more stabilisers needed

Using the same technology used for helicopters, this child’s bike runs on batteries to help stabilise the wheels while the child learns how to ride.




Talking of bikes, this model, also from the same company Girobike, is a folding electric motorbike that you can carry in a bag, perfect for commuting.





New materials and prototypes






The 3D prototype printer was also one of my favourites as it replicates an object using printing technology and a plastic string it “draws” with to build a replica of the object.

The mini printer enables you to print your own mini-magazines for fun or for presents.

Sugru is a new durable material that looks like Play-Doh and when molded it can make everyday objects stronger or just replace a missing piece. Once dry it can resist high temperatures.

The Light House Kit is like child’s play for adults: you can make your own 3D greetings card with mini LED lights and batteries.

I loved the gum recycling idea: chewing gum can indeed be recycled to make other plastic.

Finally the 360 degree camera/video camera designed for people suffering from memory loss captures everything around you (you can wear it around your neck).