Perfect Health and Weight Loss Depend on good Digestion

By Paola Bassanese

pure package, gourmet food delivery, weight loss, food for busy peopleIf your digestive system functions properly, you have better chances of not only staying healthy but also to lose weight effectively.

A recent talk by Chris Heron of Shaping Change featuring Calum Gore  and Pure Package  covered the key principles of digestive health and weight loss.




Being able to break down food into essential nutrients depends on the right level of stomach acid, digestive enzymes, friendly bacteria in the small intestine, plus absorption of zinc, calcium, B vitamins and more. With such a complex chemical landscape, our body has to work harder if there’s an imbalance in any of those elements. This is particularly true for stomach acid, which decreases as we get older therefore we become less efficient at breaking down food, particularly proteins.

The role of probiotics was also discussed and how they can help with varied issues from a low immune system to inflammatory conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

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