Putting Body Scrubs to the Test

By Paola Bassanese

Credits: iStock Photos

Exfoliation is the key to rejuvenation. My personal mantra applies to both face and body. Our poor bodies get neglected when the temperature drops, covered in layers of clothing. But the skin still needs to breathe and renew itself.

I put some body scrubs to the test: some are shop-bought and some are home-made.

Let’s start with the retail products.

Rituals holy basil and Himalayan salt body scrub.

The smell of this body scrub is divine. Very refreshing with a hint of peppermint, this scrub is probably best used first thing in the morning as it leaves a tingling sensation. It is a good wake up call for those long winter months.

Hymalayan salt has several properties including rebalancing the ion charges in the body. Enriched with argan oil, this scrub leaves the skin extremely soft and glowing. It even brought out my tan which was fading.

Ahava Dead Sea body scrub.

A gentle, indulgent body scrub combined with body butter, this glides on the skin with just a hint of exfoliation from Dead Sea salt and sugar while the body butter almost “hoovers” the dead skin cells on application. It smells sweet and inviting so it is almost cocooning the body and can be used at night time before a hot bath. I suggest to also apply the Dead Sea mud afterwards to nourish the skin, then wash it off.

Home-made remedies.

Sea salt and olive oil (or almond oil) scrub.

If you prefer an unscented scrub use almond oil and fine sea salt but make sure the salt is from an organic source. This scrub is simple but does the trick of lifting dead skin cells while activating the lymphatic and blood circulation. Apply in circular motions and stop if the skin becomes too red. Follow with a body moisturiser of your choice after washing.

Ground coffee scrub.

This is probably the simplest scrub ever: just mix a bit of water with your coffee granules and start scrubbing to your heart’s content. Coffee contains both aromatic particles and oils which help to tone up the skin. In fact this scrub will leave a light oily residue (as well as a strong smell). The caffeine content will also work on the circulation and will give you a tingling sensation so this exfoliant is better used in the morning. The stimulating action of caffeine may also prove beneficial to improve the appearance of cellulite. The only downside to this scrub is that it’s tricky to wash off (from body as well as the bathroom!) and the coffee smell may linger after washing.