Trafalgar Square, Olympic hugs and helpful volunteers

By Paola Bassanese

Sunday 5th August 2012. A friend is volunteering during the London Olympics giving information and travel advice to tourists and Londoners travelling to the Olympic venues. I spent an afternoon observing what was going on in Trafalgar Square.



Lord Nelson’s Column has a new Union Jack hat; there’s no big screen to watch the Games on and many tourists were puzzled. Big screens are located in Victoria Park and Hyde Park.


The helpful team from Transport for London wear a fetching pink uniform and they have to answer questions like “How do I get to the volleyball games” and “Where is the Givenchy store and what are the opening times?”. Random.


There’s also a good dose of hugging going on: there’s a group on facebook called Olympic Hug and the idea is to hug as many people as possible around London and its Olympic sites.

The friendly face of London is pink.