The Olympic torch relay in London

By Paola Bassanese

Today is the start of the London Olympics. The Olympic torch has travelled the length of the UK and went to each and every corner of London.

I followed the torch for 3 consecutive days in different parts of London.

Tuesday 24th July: in Brentford, I was privileged to see inspirational torch bearer David Ramsey who suffers from cerebral palsy who is very active in the community working with people with learning difficulties.





This is a screenshot from the BBC website’s live torch relay on 24th July. I’m the one wearing the cap taking a picture on the left hand side.




On Wednesday 25th July 2012 the torch touched North London and I caught the changeover.






On Thursday 26th July 2012 the torch relay went through Oxford Street just minutes after I had finished treating a massage client in Marble Arch. Good timing indeed.






The torch was then brought on top of a double decker bus with Westminster Lady Mayor Councillor Angela Harvey.

Screenshot from the BBC website.