Salute to the sun-bathing

By Paola Bassanese

Have you ever wondered what a massage therapist does on her day off?


First thing in the morning, off she goes to have an indulgent Aromatherapy Associates massage  in Knightsbridge.

I have been using the Deep Relax oil for my pre-bedtime bath for a few months now, but I was recommended to swap it for the Destress oil instead as it would be more suitable for my current situation (too many thoughts, waking up too early).




Refreshed and a little spaced out, she checks the local (expensive) department stores (Harrods, Harvey Nichols) and takes mental notes (she doesn’t need Jimmy Choo shoes for her job, moving on!).

She then goes to try Birkam yoga class for the first time at Sohot Bikram Yoga near Warren Street. Literally bending over backwards to achieve a better state of relaxation and sweating profusely, our massage therapist is reminded of how nice it is to feel supple and flexible. Before the class started, everybody was lying down on their mats and towels in shorts and bra+shorts combinations. In other words, the room looked like it was full of sun worshippers.  Salute to the Sun sequences weren’t included but  “Salute to the Sun-bathing” is quite a fitting description to what was going on at class. Also, as your favourite massage therapist is not taking a summer holiday this year, she has  to make do with what’s available.

Working out an appetite, our favourite massage therapist finally gets to do a spot of dining and socialising sipping a naughty glass of vino in the courtyard of Caxton Bar and Grill  in St James’s Park.

Namaste to you all and just a note to say that the blog on exercise for people who don’t like exercising is coming soon.