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Featured article: How to stop repetitive strain injuries – Macworld

Guest article for Macworld 9th January 2013 on how to stop repetitive strain injuries

Elephant Journal

5 Wild Foods To Forage This Spring

Massage: More than Skin Deep (10 Years as a Massage Therapist)

Huffington Post

Less Screen, More Green

Do We Need To Learn To Walk Again?

Can Complementary Therapies Improve Athletic Performance? GB Triathlete Victoria Gill’s Experience with the Bowen Technique

The Emmett Technique

Paola Bassanese’s profile on Huffington Post


How To Prepare Your Home To Sell

How To Become a Better YouTuber in 10 Easy Steps

 How to Be Happy in Life

Meal Planning: Reducing Food Waste, Eating Healthier and Meal Planning Apps Roundup

What Are the Pros and Cons of Food Foraging? A Learning Opportunity

Walking Meditation Ideas

What Is a Sign of Maturity? A List of 30 Signs of Maturity

What Is a Skill that Everyone Should Learn? 15 Useful Skills

HubPages Profile: PaolaEnergya 


 10th July 2014: Walking with Good Posture for Health and Fitness for MassageSchool

10th April 2014: Water retention and what can you do about it for MassageSchool

18th November 2013: Yoga and Cancer Treatment: A Holistic and Nurturing Approach

15th November 2013: Busy mum? Look after your back! for MassageSchool

22nd August 2013: Article on cross-promotions for

24th June 2013 The importance of customer feedback for massage businesses

The “F” factor: 10 things you should know about fertility. Article for Huffington Post published 5th February 2013



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