Battle of the sexes, battle of the bulge

By Paola Bassanese

Scanning through recent stories in the media, women are often chastised for either gaining or losing too much weight. On the other hand, men’s weight gain or loss hardly makes the headlines, with a few exceptions that look more like a slap on the wrist than heavy criticism.

Let me prove my point with a selection of news stories. [Note: click on pictures to be taken to the original articles with picture credits]

1. Miley Cirus. Her recent weight loss due to her gluten-free diet has hit the papers.






2. Chris Brown. He paints abs on to save time on working out.






3. Flavio Briatore. The Italian multi-millionaire could afford his own personal trainer but decided not to. Nobody bats an eyelid about his expanding waistline, not even his model wife.






4. Alison Moyet. She makes the headlines more because of her dramatic weight loss than for her voice or music career.