Conversations with… make up artist and BABTAC Awards finalist Rachel Dunn

By Paola Bassanese


Q: Your passion for make up started in your teens: what made you decide to turn a passion into a business?
After having my identical twins in 2007 I decided that I needed to do something different with my career that would be both flexible and enjoyable. I needed something that you could work around the girls and I had always been doing friends eyelashes and make up before nights out etc. I knew it was something I always wanted to do so I booked myself on courses and it all started from there. I think that because it was a genuine passion I found it almost a natural path to go down. After doing my make up course I decided I would go on to do eyelashes. I have worn eyelashes myself since I can remember and love lashes!! Eyelashes are probably the most popular treatment I offer and are getting more and more popular due to shows like TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex). I have experimented with eyelash design and have even taught myself how to make strip lashes! I am also working along side another beauty therapist Amanda Webb to provide pamper parties for all ages and occassions. We are offering all sorts of parties and treatments that we can customise to what the client wants. Pure Pamper is on facebook. Our parties are great fun and both of us thoroughly enjoy being part of the client’s special occasions whether its a birthday or a hen party.

Q: How did you decide to share your make up tips to local schools? Could you tell us more about your experience?

I have worked with the Kelly Leigh School of Dance to create a make up look that the 13-16 year olds could recreate themselves for shows etc. Kelly Druce, the Principle of the dance school approached me and asked if I would be interested in helping the dancers with applying stage make up and creating a make up desgin for the carnivals. I thoroughly enjoy these sessions as the dancers love it! I also have worked with a local photographer Tigerfly Photography doing make up photoshoots where I can really let loose with my creative side! I do lots of evening and bridal make up and countless sets of eyelashes! I love working with different embellishments and diamontes to create looks that are slightly different. I love customising eyelashes and make up for the client so they have a look that is totally unique to them.

Q: How important is health and fitness for you?

Health and fitness is important to me and my family. I am trying to shake off some pounds by dancing and zumba-ing! I love music and dance so for me it is the most effective way of keeping fit and healthy. We have a very healthy diet at home (most of the time!) with all meals being fresh food cooked from scratch. Luckily I have a husband that loves to cook too so meals are never microwaved! My twins are amost 5 and so are understanding the importance of looking after your body. They too eat lots of fresh foods and are also members of the Kelly Leigh School of Dance which is not only good for fitness levels but also for socialising.

Q: Do you find time to have massage treatments?

Unfortunately I don’t at the moment but I have done before and found them to be very beneficial and relaxing.

Q: What would you advise to other young girls who would like to become professional make up artists?

Go for it! I left it until I had my children and was married and I still have been successful from it. Work hard, have fun, be creative and enjoy it! I think anyone can apply make up and anyone can learn to do it. It takes someone with a genuine passion and understanding of how people feel to be successful. There are many different courses out there so choosing the right one for you is important. Make sure you stick at it even when it gets tough because it will be worth it. I never imagined I would be in the final for BABTAC Make up Artist of the Year 2012  but yet I did it!

Q: What make up products do you tend to work with and why did you choose them?

My main base of products is SBC (Simply Beautiful Cosmetics) at the moment. In my kit I also have highstreet brands which I have found to be very effective. My prices reflect this and people really like that they can get hold of the product easily and have been shown how to apply it. They appreciate that they can find a highstreet brand that is a reasonable price to use on a day to day basis. For my eyelash extensions I trained with Lash Perfect and use their products for this. I have found these to be of good quality and make the lashes last longer. The individual false eyelashes I apply I use Duralash and Salonsystems. They are very good quality lashes and have a really soft and natural feel to them. I have tried many different types of these lashes but will only buy thee two brands now as i have found them to be the best. I am constantly looking for new products and testing them as new ones come out all the time. I like to have a range of different products in my kit so that i have something to suit everyone.


About Rachel Dunn

Rachel Dunn is a Make Up Artist and Eyelash Technician based in Somerset. She has been working within the industry for 5 years and made it through to the final of the BABTAC awards 2012 in the Make Up Artist of the Year category. She has a genuine passion for make up and has loved it since her first eyeliner at 14 years old. Rachel works within many areas of make up including bridal, evening, fashion, natural beauty and creative. She believes that anyone can apply make up and uses products that are accessible for her clients. As an eyelash specialist Rachel does eyelash extensions, coloured extensions, individual false eyelashes, strips, paperself paper lashes and eyelash customising. She also works with another therapist, Amanda Webb, who team together for pamper parties for all ages and occasions. Rachel loves her job and was thrilled to have her work recognised which got her through to the final of the BABTAC awards.

Website: Pure Perfection


Twitter: @dunn_rachel

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