Conversations with… blogger extraordinnaire Lilinha Angel


By Paola Bassanese

Q: When did you start writing your blog and what made you decide to share your ideas and thoughts online?

 I started writing my blog nearly 3 months ago, although it seems much longer. It was end of March when I finally realised that I wanted my own space to express myself and write my stories and reviews online. I have been following other blogs for around a year and I always liked the idea of reading reviews and stories from other mums. Before buying a product, I like reading a review about someone else’s experience and opinions about the product. I thought I could share my reviews with other busy mums like me. When I first started blogging, I wasn’t too sure what I would write about and how I would keep my blog. I was scared of running out of stories at first, but luckily it seems that they are flowing at the moment. I have a list of topics I still want to cover and I keep adding to that list. Another factor that made me decide to start blogging was to make it easier to share my little boy’s photos and stories with my family in Brazil. Instead of writing the same email to each member of my family, I could simply post one blog post.


 Q: What has been the highlight of your blogging and social networking experience so far?

 My blogging experience has been overwhelming so far, I cannot complain. I must confess I wasn’t expecting such a great feedback from my readers. It has been amazing and I am truly delighted. My experience thus far has been great, but if I had to choose a single highlight of my blogging and social networking experience, I would say that it was my invitation to a Philips ReAura VIP Party at Soho Hotel. It was a lovely event, skin consultation, champagne, gorgeous canapés and I left with an amazing goodie bag with my very own Philips ReAura. I cannot wait to start my rejuvenation treatment as soon as I come back from holiday.

 Q: How important is healthy eating for you and your family?

 Healthy eating has always been very important to me. When I was younger, my mum would bring sliced fruit to my bedroom in the afternoon while I was doing my homework. We have a big garden in Brazil full of tropical fruit trees and my parents always encouraged me to help myself to fruits from our back garden. The same way that I was brought up eating plenty fruit and vegetables, I make sure that my little boy has the same healthy eating habits. I believe moderation is the key. There is no harm in having biscuits and chocolates as long as they are seen as treats and not the main part of your diet. At home, we have a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg, meat and treats too. My little boy eats everything, I think the only vegetable that he doesn’t like very much is courgette. He still eats it, but I can tell he’s not very keen on it.

Q: Do you find time to exercise and what is your favourite way to keep fit?

I exercise as much as I can in my busy life. Before having a child, I would go to the gym every day, however I can no longer do it, so I try and incorporate exercise in my daily activities. On my way to work, I get off one train stop before I am meant to so I can walk some of the journey to the office. Walking is my main exercise, I find it very relaxing and refreshing. I have recently taken part of the Great British Walking Challenge in May and it was quite enjoyable. I do try and go to Zumba classes once or twice a week, I love dancing and it is a fun way to keep fit. Exercise is very important for a healthy heart and as a way of combating stress, so I always try and keep active.


Q: How important is massage in your life?

 Massage is very important, however I don’t have as much as I would love to. It has been over a year since I had a professional massage and I miss it. As I’m always busy working, studying and looking after my family, there is not enough time to look after myself. I should try and make more time to treat myself to a lovely massage. I just love how you can switch off while someone else is giving you a relaxing massage. I love that feeling! Once the massage is over, you walk out of the room refreshed. Bliss!



Q: You have a busy life juggling full time work, blogging, your family and studying: what is your advice for busy mums out there?

 Indeed I have a busy life, but I would not have it any other way. I am constantly finding something new to do, I enjoy keeping busy. My advice to busy mums is to be organized. As long as you are organised, you can fit as many activities in your day as you wish. I like writing down my tasks and keeping track what needs to be done. It is also a nice way to check how much you have already achieved, so I check my tasks list to organise my day and keep me motivated. I would also advise to clearly separate activities once you are undertaking one of them. If you are at work, you should try and forget about everything else. When it is time to study, I try and switch off from other activities. When it is family time, I concentrate on my little boy and hubby. My main advice is to be organised and focused on whatever you are doing.


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