Chris Cerclay’s charity body combat marathon Islington 2012

By Paola Bassanese

Body combat marathon 2012

UPATED: Sadly Chris Cerclay passed away on 20th November 2016. He was an inspiration to many.

The latest 3 hour body combat marathon organised by trainer Chris Cerclay and Sherry Davies took place at the Islington Town Hall on Sunday 17th June 2012.


170 participants kicked and punched their way through 3 hours of body combat routines spurred on by the enthusiastic and motivating instructions from the fitness trainers. Combat instructors were Chris Cerclay, Patricia Tambini, Colleen and Howard Pearson, Ashley King, Nelly Risberg and Dominick Buxton. Dominick got his body combat instructor licence at only 19.


The event took about 3 months to organise but it was worth it. Finding the right location to accommodate a large number of participants was the main problem.


Body combat is a high energy class to music combining cardio and toning exercises; it requires good coordination and stamina. It is recommended you consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime and attend a few body combat classes to familiarise yourself with the choreography. Hydration is essential as body combat is an intensive workout and you will sweat profusely.


At the combat marathon, the hours flew by with a heady mix of smiles, music and invigorating routines from the trainers.


Organised in collaboration with Sony Music, the body combat marathon raised funds for Christopher Place, a speech and language centre based in Christopher Place in Kings Cross.
It is the only centre of its kind in the whole of the UK and helps under fives who are experiencing difficulty with their hearing, speech, language and communication.


Chris Cerclay commented: “Christopher Place is a charity that Sony is trying to support – Sherry Davies, who organised the event with me, works for Sony and approached them to put their weight behind our marathon.” He was also humbled by meeting Richard Connell of Sony Music: “I have a daughter and I was blown away by the quiet dignity of Richard Connell and how he copes with his child. We are basically combat junkies and we held the event for combat junkies. These events make me realise that there are so many people working to help so many of our fellow human beings. Financial restrictions and disinterested governments are reducing the support that these organisations need. A family was watching the marathon and at the end the mother asked if we would take a picture with her Autistic son. This picture makes the marathon and encompasses the reason why we are there. The smile on this boy’s face suggested that we communicated – I’ll never forget this moment.”




One of the participants said: “‎Chris Cerclay, Sherry Davies and the whole team of fist and feather thank you for an incredible combat marathon! It was very well organised and inspiring!” (Lindsey Anne Meadows).


Chris has his own fitness clothing range called Fist & Feather which can be ordered online.