Inch Loss Massage: Abdominal Massage Inch by Inch

By Paola Bassanese


In a recent case study, I have been providing abdominal massage treatments to a client suffering from bloating (see also: abdominal massage for candida).


Bloating can be caused by a number of reasons including constipation, infection or bacterial overgrowth.


Working on the abdominal muscles and the intestinal walls can help to reduce bloating and improve digestive transit.


In this specific case study, the starting point on week 1 was 103cm waist measurement. After the first abdominal massage session this was reduced to 101cm.


In week 2 the starting point was again 103cm and after the massage the measurement was 100cm. Diet influences the levels of bloating in the gut so even massage and exercise alone will not bring the desired effects, therefore in week 2 the starting measurement was the same as week 1.


In week 3 the starting measurement was 102cm before the massage and 99cm after the massage.


In week 4 the starting point was 101cm and the end point was 100cm.


In week 5 the best result achieved so far with a starting point of 102cm and an end point of 98.5cm.


In week 6 the measurement before the massage was 99.5cm which reduced down to 97.5cm after the massage.


Therefore, from week 1 to week 6 the client benefited from a total reduction in waist measurement of 5.5cm with the application of abdominal massage alongside healthy eating and exercise.


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Pic credits A.Mayatt