Spotlight on sculpting/reshaping massage

By Paola Bassanese

Diet and exercise are the foundation to healthy weight loss and toning but what about those stubborn fat deposits and cellulite that no amount of sweat seems to break down?

That’s when a good massage comes in handy (pun intended).

The Energya® sculping/reshaping massage is an innovative massage technique based on deep tissue massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

The most important part of a session is a full consultation so the client has a chance to talk through their health history and their requirements.

The rule of thumb is that most women store fat around the abdomen, hips and tops of the thighs while men store fat in their upper body especially the abdomen and the chest (the dreaded “moobs”!).

While it is not recommended to rely on massage alone to reshape your body, a series of sculpting treatments will complement your exercise and diet regime helping the break down of fatty deposits and providing additional motivation.

Measuring the waist line of clients before and after a sculpting massage shows a 1-2cm reduction in size. Results may vary according to fitness levels: someone with a lower body fat mass will not see as amazing results as someone who has a higher body fat percentage.

The technique includes massaging the key areas (glutes, abdomen, back of legs, outer legs, front of legs) with the knuckles in a circulatory motion and with upward strokes. Manual lymphatic drainage is then applied to move the fat cells towards the lymph nodes for elimination.

Some bruising may occur as the pressure applied is strong but healthy skin heals within 2 days. It is therefore not advised to have this treament if you suffer from diabetes or have sensitive skin or taking medication.

A course of 8-10 sessions on a weekly basis is recommended.

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