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“So many of us have used Photoshop to “improve” our facebook profile pictures or professional photography shots. It would be nice to have the equivalent of Photoshop in the real world but unless you want to have cosmetic procedures, those lines and wrinkles simply won’t budge.

If you like natural remedies, then self-massage is the most economical of all because it’s free. Of course, first you need to learn the technique to understand how to “iron out” fine lines and tone up facial muscles. Video tutorials are great for picking up some useful tips.

When performed on a daily basis, facial massage can really help to improve the complexion, the texture of the skin, the tone in the facial muscles and smooth out fine lines. Just like exercise, perseverance is key. The technique will not give the desired effects if you only remember to do it every once in a while.

Our enemies are time and gravity. We can cheat our way to a younger looking face by challenging our body into producing more collagen and elastin. A daily routine of cleansing, toning, moisturising and massaging can trick our face into thinking it’s just as young as before. The secret is to be relentless, disciplined and constant; an occasional massage or cleanse just won’t do. A weekly exfoliation is also essential to help products penetrate into the layers of the skin and to eliminate dead skin cells therefore helping new skin cells emerge to the surface. New skin cells make the face look fresher, dewy and more luminous while dead skin cells make the face appear dull, lifeless and grey.”