Guest blog: Coping with difficult people – discover the truth

By Claire Park Professional Co-Active Life Coach


We spend so much of our lives at work, it is vitally important that we can get along well with our colleagues.

However it can be quite traumatic when people don’t get along with us.

You know the type of person, often quite loud, confident and nit-picky. You just can’t seem to do right for doing wrong with them. And most of the time you are the one left feeling in the wrong.

You start to question your actions and abilities; you may feel intimidated and begin to avoid this person.

Over the years I’ve had a few different jobs, especially when I was a teenager and I, like a lot of people, found myself in this situation too often.

I had no idea why.

Bosses who clearly didn’t like me, seemed to pick at everything I did, barked orders at me, made me feel incompetent….etc.

I worked hard and was popular with the other staff members. So why didn’t they like me?

I was left feeling upset, a little bullied and a bit bemused. I had no idea what I had done to make these people dislike me so much.

Over the years I have come to realise that it had little to do with me. I could have wasted hours and hours of my time analysing my behaviour, trying to figure out what I was doing so wrong.

If I had I would have wasted my time and energy because it was nothing to do with me.

Eleanor Roosevelt once famouslysaid – “No-one can make you feel small without your permission”

So, instead of wasting your time and energy doing character analysis on yourself or indeed on anyone else I’d like to point you to look at the truth.


The Truth – What do you know about yourself to be absolutely, unequivocally true?

This is great if done with a friend – ask each other.

What in life do I value so highly that I could not live without?

The answers you get will undoubtedly point you to your character, your core-values, your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses.

Once you know the Truth about yourself never ever will you let anyone make you feel small again.



About Claire Park

Claire is a Reflexologist and Life Coach who helps women who feel like they are running out of their “30’s” and think that they should have it all sorted out by now.

Twitter: @claire_l_park