Friday 13th Embarrassing Massage Stories: More Stories in Confessions from the Massage Couch

IMG_3285.JPGBy Paola Bassanese


It’s Friday 13th: is it a lucky or unlucky day for you? Whichever way you look at it, it’s a day; the only thing that changes is your perception of it.

To celebrate Friday 13th I have collated some hilarious massage stories from my therapist colleagues. I sent out a request to share stories on Facebook from my business page and on twitter and this is the result from the day’s banter. Enjoy!

Cynthia from Olney Massage  started the proceedings by sharing her embarrassing story from massage school: “As an MT student, my rolling stool got away from me. It hit one room divider. I couldn’t catch the divider before it fell… That divider fell into the next one, which fell into the next one. All of the room dividers in my school’s public clinic fell like giant dominoes. The school uses curtains now, I think.”

Robert said: “Gave a female client a tricky balanced inversion and she passed wind. In my face. So I dropped her [as a client]”.

Jason  at Martha’s Vineyard Island Massage shared: “Once walked in, client supine, had feet on face cradle, bolster under her neck…”.

Bare Faced Chic  told this cute story: “My previous therapist used to come to my flat. One cat jumped on my back mid-treatment, the other curled up in his towel bag!”

Ema from Dynamic Calm  celebrates her birthday on Friday 13th but she still found the time to share her anecdote: “Ohh I just remembered years ago in college, it was massage client day and I got a sweet little old lady, we’d all finished our consultations, drawn the divider curtains and were gathered having chat while clients changed. I must have forgotten to tell her what the undressing procedure was because my little old lady hobbled out towards us and asked ‘must I keep my underclothes on or is this ok?’ She was butt naked except for socks and everything was heading waaay south bless her, we all stifled giggles as I ushered her back! Oh the good old days!”


What’s my embarassing story, I hear you say? I think nothing makes me giggle more than remembering the time I was doing some deep tissue work on a client’s back. Because there was so much tension I wanted to use as much body weight as possible so I climbed on the bed to apply more pressure with my hands. Little did I know that my client was resting her hands on the side handlebars of the massage table: they were the levers to lower the back rest! So in a yeehah cowgirl scene, myself and the client were propelled forward by the reclining bed. Nobody got hurt but while I felt I aged 10 years in a split second, my client’s sides were splitting from laughter!