Conversations with… DJ Fabrizia, international DJ

Conversations with… DJ Fabrizia

By Paola Bassanese

Paola Bassanese with DJ Fabrizia

DJ Fabrizia is a London-based well-known female DJ playing tech and tribal house and producing her own records.

Q: When did you first realise you wanted to become a DJ?

A: I’ve always had a passion for music and I spent most of my weekends going to see my favourite DJs play. In 2004 it all started to make sense to me: I wanted to become a DJ, just like that! A friend of mine, DJ Simon Adams, immediately asked me if I would like to learn to teach me how to dj when I told him about my secret dream of becoming a DJ myself.

When I graduated I used my savings to buy my first set of records and a mixer.

I left my hometown in Italy and flew to London and within a month I managed to get some djing slots. I contacted (literally knocking doors) as many bars and clubs as possible and my perseverance paid off.

Q: Tell us more about your health and fitness regime

A: I work out almost every day at the gym and try to combine different types of exercise. I like riding my bike and trekking when I am out and about and at the gym I am currently loving circuit training, it nearly kills me every time but I am absolutely thrilled when I feel that I have been working out!

I also follow a strict eating regime geared towards healthy, natural and organic foods with plenty of vegetables and a high protein content. I like muscle definition and being in the public eye means that I have to look good in pictures! I am also milk intolerant so I have adapted my diet years ago discovering a big love for dairy free oriental cuisine.

My dad, knowing how much I like to take care of myself, sends me some very good natural supplements every month!

I love cooking because I find it relaxing and my favourite dishes are Hungarian goulash, Vietnamese salads and stir-fries with plenty of fish and vegetables.

I never drink alcohol at work as I need to keep a sharp mind. (Read more >> Huffington Post article)

Q: How important is massage for you?

A: Relaxation is absolutely vital for me as I work at nights and I am always hyper. With so many ideas buzzing in my head at all times and so many engagements I need to de-stress on a regular basis. I go to see Paola for both relaxation and to do some deep tissue work on my tight muscles.

My legs the day after a big night out feel achy and rock hard. My lack of sleep means I don’t give enough rest to my body to recover and detox itself during the night. Massage takes care of what I cannot do for my body because of my hectic lifestyle.

Q: What is the gig you enjoyed the most or that you are most proud of?

A: Probably a private party I djed at in Egypt, it was on a beach with about 2000 people. I was treated like a true celebrity! Not that being a celebrity is important in my career but sometimes London audiences are quite tough and difficult to please and there’s so much choice that it feels like people’s attention span is limited.

Q: What’s the key to become a successful DJ?

A: You must love to entertain and respect your public. Personally I can’t function without an audience as their energy feeds off my DJ set and choice of tunes. Being respectful is the biggest lesson I learned especially when you are changing over the decks with another DJ. I also like to stay away from commercial house and look for original music to keep things fresh. In fact I also produce my own music.