Wellness in the snow

By Paola Bassanese


5th February 2012: London is covered by deliciously creamy snow resembling marzipan icing on a cake.

If you walk through thick snow, the extra effort and the colder temperature helps you burn additional 3-7% more calories.

For a blow-by-blow account of how many calories you can burn snow walking, Walk About Magazine has all the facts and figures. The average person could burn up to 500 calories an hour walking in pressed snow but up to 700 for powdery, thick snow.

Massage appointments make take a bit of a back seat as transport is disrupted. Keeping muscles warm and supple is essential if you are unable to have a massage treatment so some dynamic yoga would help if you are stuck at home.

Sun salutations are the obvious choice as the rapid succession of poses raises the heart rate and body temperature.


If you can brave the elements and can commute to Marylebone, a trip to Indaba Yoga is worth every penny as the studio has a gorgeous hot yoga room at a toasty 30-35 degrees Celsius. If you happen to go there on a Tuesday, you can book an appointment with me for deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage or natural facelift massage.