Three things to cheer you up on Valentine’s Day if you are single

With the constant bombardment of Valentine’s Day messages, most people are probably getting fed up. On twitter, even couples are not paying as much attention and with restaurants being too full many decide to stay at home.

Even better, if you are single you feel less pressurised however dating websites make the most of this time to encourage encounters. Why not celebrate singledom instead?

Here’s some suggestions to celebrate being single in style:

1. Give yourself a facial massage. Watch this tutorial (it’s free!) and learn how to enhance your natural beauty making you sparkle and shine from the inside out.


2. Do some stretching and yoga.
The key to successful relationships is being relaxed and confident in your own skin. So, why not take care of yourself and be nice to yourself so you can be nice to other people? Here’s a short video about neck stretches. We accumulate so much tension in our neck and shoulders and, before we know it, we develop tension headache, we feel tired, we sleep badly and we end up being snappy and irritable.

3. You Are Loved. Remember that, no matter what your situation is, you are loved. This is a reminder that you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.