Massage for frozen shoulder: part one

By Paola Bassanese

I am currently seeing a client with frozen shoulder. The client had the same syndrome on the other shoulder a few years ago and what is really frustrating is that it takes between 6 months to 2 years to gain full functionality back.
Listening to the client is paramount: my client requested a course of relaxing massage treatments with no manipulation or deep tissue. I listened to the client’s concerns which were due to high levels of discomfort causing sleepless nights.
We agreed that feeling more comfortable and be able to sleep was the priority and working on the shoulder joint more in depth has to be the second phase of the treatment.
When working with frozen shoulder, practitioners must remember that sometimes the pain will subside by itself and full functionality coming back without intervention. It is therefore difficult to evaluate the impact any treatment may have on this condition.
Three weeks on and the shoulder is still in an acute stage with pain and limited range of movement.
The hope is that the course of massage treatments will help increase the range of movement over time.


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