Interview in Italian at the Italian Chambers of Commerce awards ceremony

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English transcript.

Antonio Paoletti, President of the Chambers of Commerce in Trieste, Italy, awards Paola Bassanese in the special category “Triestine entrepreneurs abroad”.

Paola Bassanese, the young entrepreneur from Trieste who created an enviable business activity in the UK with alternative therapies.

Paola Bassanese: “I am obviously honoured and these awards have been going on for a few years now. I must say that when I saw the awards a while back I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to win one day?’. I am therefore very proud to have won and I am extremely grateful to the town of Trieste for this accolade.”

Interviewer: “What is the secret of your success?”

Paola Bassanese: “Determination, perseverance, stubborness, initiative, enthusiasm, going against those who were critical, because when you believe in yourself you get results.”

Interviewer: “Why did you choose London?”

Paola Bassanese: “Because I’ve always had a passion for English language and culture, and because London is a cosmopolitan city with an exciting cultural scene.”

Interviewer: “But you always kept your links with Trieste”.

Paola Bassanese: “Absolutely, because my family is here so I visit every year, a few times a year, to recharge my batteries.”

Interviewer: “And what are these alternative therapies?”

Paola Bassanese: “Therapeutic massage including lymphatic drainage and massage treatments to reduce stress and tension.”