Immune System Boost from Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In every change of season it is essential to boost your immune system to prevent falling ill particularly when the weather gets colder.

The tendency is to go into an hybernation phase and we all want to become couch potatoes gorging on comfort food. Although this is all very tempting, our priority should be to keep exercising and only indulging in rich foods occasionally.

Bikram yoga can help with getting your “summer fix” as you exercise in a heated room (or should I say sauna?). Other forms of hot yoga, particularly Asthanga in a heated room can be particularly beneficial.

Our bodies need to feel alive and vibrant but a sedentary lifestyle can really work against us. Manual lymphatic drainage can help with boosting the immune system and the circulation. Any type of movement can facilitate the flow of blood and lymph in our bodies: better circulation means better elimination and improved oxygenation so we can detox easily and get rid of waste products that our bodies don’t need.

Having manual lymphatic drainage once a week for 4-6 weeks in the cold seasons may be the secret to a healthy and vibrant winter. This massage technique stimulates the lymph nodes where we fight any infection, inflammation and virus attack. Keeping the lymph nodes functioning at full capacity means that we become more resistant to illness. Also, as most of our immune defences are in the gut, working on the abdomen¬† can make a difference with regards to bloating and constipation. If we keep our digestive system in order not only we can absorb more nutrients from food but we can also prevent catching other people’s cold and flu viruses.