Why I Need my Cappuccino Fix

By Paola Bassanese

As a hard-working, workaholic self-employed person, most of my waking hours are dedicated to running my business.
I write blogs on health and wellbeing, including nutrition. I often extoll the virtues of healthy eating and condemn sugar and caffeine abuse, yet I am the first to fall at the first hurdle when the thought of cappuccino enters my mind.

As much as I try, a cappuccino break is what gets me through the day. I limit my coffee consumption to two cups of coffee a day, one if I am being a good girl.

When I discussed this with an Ayurvedic practitioner, she mentioned that the bitterness of coffee is an important element in Ayurveda, as you need to combine all the different tastes (sweet, sour, savoury, bitter) to have a complete diet.

So when I was forced to detox in July after my Ayurvedic consultation, I breathed a sigh of relief when I was told I could have one coffee a day.

Life is all about balance: what is your vice and how do you “justify” to yourself that you need your fix?