The healing benefits of life drawing

I went to  a life drawing class in July 2011; I hadn’t been to one in a while and with a busy lifestyle I find it hard to fit in all those leisure activities I really need to achieve a nice balance.

You don’t necessarily need to choose life drawing: you can opt for pottery, knitting, or other crafts.

What’s important is that you choose an activity that will take your mind off the daily grind.

I found life drawing to be a healing experience: you concentrate fully and have no time to worry about anything. You live in the present.

With my keen interest on anatomy and physiology, life drawing has a special appeal. I am fascinated by muscles and have a weakness for defined deltoids, serratus anterior and rectus abdominis. Yes, I am a glutton for a six pack!

Indulge in the arts: it is good for the soul. And you get to display your masterpiece on the mantelpiece at the end.
Picture credits: Paola Bassanese