Icecream Pop Up Shop Dri Dri Gelato in St Martin’s Lane 2011

icecream pop up shop london


In June 2011 I went to the launch of Dri Dri Gelato, a pop up shop in St Martin’s Lane in Covent Garden. This icecream shop has two main retail units in Chelsea Market and Notting Hill, where they have their manufacturing workshop.

The icecream itself tasted delicious and I was told it contains only 6% fat compared to the average 20% fat and is made from organic milk and natural ingredients.

What really fascinated me is the concept of pop up shops:  it is a very recession-friendly way to do business when overheads are high and cashflow is tight. Good publicity stunt that gets people through the door and creates a marketing buzz around the brand.
Picture credits: Paola Bassanese