Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

In the depth of winter and a few months into the year, most of us may have forgotten our new year’s resolutions to be healthier, lose weight or learn a new language.

While it is good to put in a framework for the year ahead, it is important to remind ourselves that if we had decided to lose weight, nature may be slightly working against us during winter. Bodies need extra calories especially during harsh winters and depriving them of essential nutrients can do more damage than good. A better alternative is to up your exercise regime to give you more energy and give you the figure you aspire to have.



Picture credits: Paola Bassanese

The magic of spring

Spring is a much better time to start a new nutrition regime. More availability of fresh produce combined with milder temperatures all conjured up to help you lose weight. Don’t touch that chocolate just yet though! Everything in moderation…

Take advantage of the longer days to go out for energising walks, and why not, even go foraging.

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Picture credits: Paola Bassanese