Scoliosis: Treatment and Management

A personal message from Paola  Bassanese, director of Energya Ltd.

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand
Sometimes nature needs a helping hand

As a scoliosis sufferer myself, I know how disheartening it can be to be told that your child/you have scoliosis. Scoliosis is a severe curvature of the spine that can have grave consequences if untreated. I was operated in Italy as a teenager and my thoracic spine is held together in place with a Harrington rod. Thanks to regular exercise, Pilates, chiropractic adjustments, osteopathy treatments and massage I am completely pain free and go through my daily life without even thinking I might have a back problem.
If you have scoliosis, don’t suffer in silence: get a referral from a GP to see a specialist and catch it while it’s still in its early phases if possible.
More work has to be done to educate children and teachers in schools to spot this problem early.
Adults with scoliosis can also considerably reduce the amount of pain and discomfort by having regular treatment.

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Picture credits: Paola Bassanese