Homemade wholemeal sourdough bread

Elderflower Sourdough: Making Sourdough Bread with Elderflower Yeast

Did you make elderflower champagne? Don’t throw away the residue at the bottom of the bottle – that’s a lovely natural yeast that you can use to make a sourdough starter. Elderflower Sourdough Recipe INGREDIENTS For the sourdough starter: 150 gr elderflower champagne 150 plain flour Plus: 200 gr water 200 gr flour METHOD Mix

Nettle and elderflower cordial Energya Ltd

Elderflower Champagne: Getting Dizzy with the Fizzy

Before the elder flowers turn into berries, gather as many blooms as you can and make some fizz. Elderflower Champagne Recipe INGREDIENTS 3 litres water 10 heads of elderflower 300 grams sugar 1 lemon 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar METHOD Slice the lemon thinly (use unwaxed lemons) and add to a large bowl or bucket.

elderflower cordial Energya Ltd

Homemade Elderflower Cordial: Recreating Mary Berry’s Recipe

Elderflower cordial is a popular, refreshing summer drink. It is also a rewarding drink after you spent a couple of hours foraging.  You can dilute it with either still or (my favourite) sparkling water (and save lots of money in the process!). The cordial can be frozen into an ice cube tray too. Why not try

Acacia and Elderflower Bakewell Tartlets Energya Ltd

Acacia and Elderflower Bakewell Tartlets with Mahonia Jam

The starting point for this recipe was Vanilla Black‘s Little Cherry Bakewell Tarts (from Vanilla Black: Fresh Flavours for your Vegetarian Kitchen), which I then adapted to allow me to use the acacia flowers, elderflower and Mahonia berries (which I made into jam) I had picked in my foraging walks. Acacia and Elderflower Bakewell Tartlets Recipe

Salentina Elderflower Frittata

Salentina Elderflower Frittata

The chef from Salentina in London has kindly provided this recipe using elderflower in a savoury dish. Elderflower Frittata Recipe Serves 2 INGREDIENTS For the frittata: 4 free range eggs 30g of fresh Pecorino with peppercorn (4 slices) 30 g of grated Grana Padano 20g of fresh Edelflowers Alexanders or parsley, chopped For the side