Creating Authentic and Meaningful Conversations

Are you looking for a creative writer to help you generate genuine communications with your clients?

I have more than ten years’ experience creating engaging communications for a number of clients and have worked with people in different industries, tailoring each message according to their needs.


My expertise is in:

You can check my writing portfolio to find out more about my writing.

“I was very fortunate that my work was featured in one of Paola’s articles as she was writing about complementary therapies: her background in the field, her love and talent for writing as well as her genuine interest in the people she meets made it a very nice experience from the start. She is also very efficient with social media taking the time to understand what each business needs and being constantly creative to improve the exposure. Paola’s service is quick, professional and she really goes the extra mile. I highly recommend using Paola’s services and thank her for her amazing help.” Dominique Antiglio, Founder of BeSophro.

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How Walking Helps Mental Health

According to Walking for Health, walking can be beneficial for our mental health. Walking has a positive effect on self-esteem, and more far-reaching effects on sleep, stress and anxiety. It has a protective effect against developing depressive symptoms and lowering symptoms in people suffering from depression. Scientific American states that walking can help with depression.

My Fantasy Fungi Foraging Holiday

Some people play fantasy football, whereas in my mind I play fantasy fungi foraging… Contents1 Wild Mushroom Events Around Europe2 Wild Mushrooms Festivals in Europe2.1 Mushroom Events in September2.2 Mushroom Events in October Wild Mushroom Events Around Europe If money was no object, I would spend most of autumn travelling around Europe looking for wild